How It Works

TMARC technology is integrated at the Retailer.

TMARC’s technology seamlessly connects mobile networks and consumers’ mobile phones with retailers’ EPOS systems, card solutions and virtual accounts.

Retailer Benefits

  • Instant gratification.
  • …or Accumulator model.
  • Lower cost of mobile usage.
  • Reduced reliance on “price”
  • Locks customer loyalty in.
  • Increased sales of secondary SKU’s at improved WOP / sales & profit.
  • Customer database being built
  • Insight into purchasing behaviour.
  • Real time event reporting.
  • Creates a strategic differentiator Vs other Retail competitors.

Brand Manufacturer Benefits

  • Retailer Rewards add value to brands by offering rewards to their consumers where they want it most…. Free airtime on their mobile phone.
  • Retailer Rewards generates sales uplift at full or fuller retail price/margin.
  • Greater efficiency of the promotional funds.
  • Higher ROI compared to price discount.
  • Target the investment money directly at the customer who is buying the brand (rifle Vs shotgun approach).
  • Consumer insights and targeted marketing information available through database mining and analysis (later phase).