Our core business idea is based on

“enabling connection”.

Our brand name is our badge. It represents the power of technology and we will always strive to operate at full power.

  • We will be seen as market leaders in the mobile space that that provides solutions for brand manufacturers and retailers as that is the market space we understand best.
  • We will be a part of a world where all mobile users utilise their phones for a range of transactions that make their lives easier and more efficient.
  • We will be known as the go to company for providing innovative and workable solutions.
  • Every phone in Africa will engage with the TMARC network.

  • Our overriding mission is to be considered and ranked as the number 1 mobile platform activation provider within the FMCG category.
  • We see ourselves as the innovative solution providers to our customers and considered as the preferred supplier to consult and engage with when applying strategy within the mobile technology space.
  • We want to be a growth and profit focused company that provides a platform for constant innovation and an environment that people aspire to work in.
  • We will succeed in terms of sustainable profit growth for our shareholders, market share growth for our customers and personal growth for our employees.

  • We will exploit the opportunity in the mobile arena by offering differentiated services to retailers and consumers in line with our 5 defined market space opportunities.
  • We will focus our efforts within the FMCG arena.
  • We will consider Africa our market place.

We will only consider markets that offer an above average market return within the industry.

  • We will deal with customers and suppliers with integrity and respect.
  • We will always strive to deliver a 100% customer experience and ensure that we meet all our commitments.
  • Our brand name is our foundation and future. It must be cherished and promoted with the best intentions at all times.
  • We will hire people that share our passion and commitment to making a difference in the world of our customers.
  • We will seek out opportunities within the core competencies of our business.
  • We will ensure that our shareholders see TMARC as a viable and long term investment that delivers on it’s plans and strategies enabling an attractive return.
  • Our word is good.

Our Values

How we want to be and how we want to be experienced by our clients.

Meet The Team

Meet our fantastic team of heroes.

Nick Terry
Nick TerryCEO
Terry Sallie
Terry SallieFinancial Manager
Michelle Daglish
Michelle DaglishAccount Executive
Zandile Ndhlovu
Zandile NdhlovuOperations
Andile Mkhumane
Andile MkhumaneTechnology Team
Tatai D Nkou
Tatai D NkouTechnology Team
Clive Naidoo
Clive NaidooOperations Manager
Sandhya Uddaraju
Sandhya UddarajuTechnology Team
Heetendra Gowin
Heetendra GowinChief Information Officer
Marc Paxton
Marc PaxtonCommercial Executive

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