On Friday afternoon we had the opportunity to spend time with the talented and multifaceted force that is Lisa Steingold. A brand game-changer, author and speaker; Lisa heads up Marketing [...]

Marketing Great Retires

One of the world’s best marketers announced his retirement last year – after 35 years with the company - and will be moving on in May. Keith Weed, the Global [...]

Digital Transformation – Mike Stopforth

Mike Stopforth was introduced at our Word On The Street event by Nick Terry, CEO of TMARC, as being the cool, wise and witty star of any room he spreads [...]

The Art of Integration – Monique Claassen

Platform 5 Digital and TMARC were recently joined by client service heavy-weight and strategist extraordinaire, Monique Claassen, who is the current Client Service Director of Media and Digital at Kantar [...]

Why do clients love agencies? Lessons from Nando’s Chief Marketing Officer Doug Place

We invited Doug Place from Nando’s to come in and talk to our team about their legendary advertising and his opinion on what makes clients love agencies. Doug kicked off [...]

The 10 Best Brand Tips of All Time

The bedrock of branding is based on some simple principles for greatness – simple, but not easy. Here’s a round-up of the top ten brand tips of all time, from [...]

Lessons in Creativity

It’s not every day you get to meet a real life game changer but that’s exactly what happened when TMARC and Platform5 invited Fran Luckin to speak at our first ever [...]

Re-Engineering Re-Engagement

Someone has agreed to go on a date with you, to suss you out and give you a chance at making a difference in their life – you have a [...]

Marketing – Best job in the world – Just a few guidelines…

The 5 and 20 Laws of Marketing by Nick Terry – compiled on 11th May 2011 10.45pm. I noted the time of original writing only because I wanted to see [...]

What Smart Marketers in South Africa are going to do in tough times…

The Good News, The Bad News and what you, the smart marketer, can do about it! First, let’s get the bad news out the way. If you are a marketer [...]

The Power of Big Data when Targeting Consumers

Nick Terry, CEO of TMARC, discusses the power of using Big Data to speak directly to your intended consumer, when you want and how you want. http://youtu.be/0V9MHbqCHaI

Unilever Trade Magazine

Technology and Your Business Personal computers have been with us for almost 30 years. We use them to communicate with distant friends and relatives, we use them for entertainment, we [...]

Nestlé ChocFest!

Morrisjones and Nestle celebrate chocolate When Nestlé Chocolates approached Morrisjones to create its 2011 Winter Countline drive, the challenge was to create an exciting promotion, backed by an eye-catching campaign, [...]

Mick and Nick ‘do it for the airtime’

Mick and Nick gave South Africans the most unlikely stereotypes to indulge in Nestle countline chocolate bars. A stiletto and gold clad skinny kugel; a hardcore biker complete with thick [...]

Countline Drive Delivers

Nestle Countline Drive enticed consumers, delivering exceptional results. Nestle Chocolate Countlines, TEX; BAR-ONE; AERO; SMARTIES; and KITKAT, this month concluded one of the year’s largest and most successful sales drives. [...]